Good idea bad idea trenchless sewer

Good idea bad idea trenchless sewer

Trenchless sewer is a process of sewer repair and installation where you essentially blow sewer lines made of flexible material through a hose so you do not have to dig a trench to get to the sewer. And while there are a lot of people that do not trust the integrity of the line or the process itself, there are many others that believe that not digging under infrastructure or yards is a great idea.

Now of course there are arguments to both sides, and both sides have legitimate arguments to make. The idea is whether you want to dig or not dig and where the sewer repair is taking place. Oftentimes this process is used when pipes burst and can be a great way to fix sewer drain plumbing quickly without having to bring in a bunch of heavy duty machinery.

Knowing where to use it

That is the key to trenchless sewer many people believe. That while some people say that there are times that it makes more sense to use trenchless sewer, some people believe that it should always be used. Those that have been in the industry for years will tell you that the right answer probably rests somewhere in the middle. That there are times when trenchless sewer is the way to go and other times when iit is not.

Simply saying it is good or bad obviously gets nobody anywhere, but what we need to do is ask when it is appropriate and when it is a waste of time and money or even worse, when it will not get the job done. Although having been in the sewer business before, I can say that from my perspective, there are times where trenchless sewer repair is simply the best way to go.

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